City Circuit (CCD) – Marathon

Athletes reaching the finish line during a marathon competition.
Cluster B

City Circuit (CCD) – Marathon

Spectators will be able to walk freely along the circuit (Av. Arequipa, Av. José Pardo, Malecón de la Reserva, Av. José Larco). This is a free access event as shown in the following graph:

Recorrido del Circuito Ciudad - Maratón:

Clúster B - Circuito Ciudad (CCD) - Maratón-mapa

Paraderos Desactivados para el CCD:

Public transportation stops along the circuit will not operate, so the best way to arrive at Parque Kennedy (Start/Finish Line), is by “Ricardo Palma” Metropolitano station. It is located 350 meters away.

Clúster B - Circuito Ciudad (CCD) - Maratón-mapa2