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In this sixth edition, the Parapan American Games visited Lima for the first time, following their tradition started back in 1999 with only four sports: wheelchair basketball, Para atheltics, Para swimming and Para table tennis.

Over 1890 Para athletes showed their strength and courage in a competition that gathered 33 countries. Athletes competed in 17 sports and 18 disciplines.

Between August 23 and September 1st, we witnessed the tales of struggle and perseverance from each of the competing athletes. They gave their all in these Games as they were also qualifiers for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

It is important to mention that all venues were built and adapted to make all entrances and transit completely accessible, so that all Para athletes and visitors were able to move about without difficulty.


For people with disabilities, overcoming obstacles is part of their day to day ... Poor thing? Disabled? #AsiNoSeDice Ready to know what is the biggest disability?
Parapan American Games Values
Discover the richness of the values inspired by the Parapan American Games and the important role of accessibility in each competition.
  • Coraje deportivo Paralímpico
    The ability of Athletes to persevere with strength and claw.

    Our athletes will feel proud as their struggles to get a spot on the podium at the 2019 Parapan Am Games.
  • Para atleta logrando la meta en Para atletismo
    The firmness athletes to look for the gold medal in the Parapan Am Games Lima 2019

    Each athlete who will represent his country in Lima 2019, will fight to achieve what has been set as a goal.
  • Para atletas de basquetboll en silla de ruedas
    The value of equality is decisive in order to equate the Pan American and Parapan American Games.

    Both Para athletes and athletes of the Americas should be treated in the same way in their respective competencies.
  • Brasil rompiendo un récord en Para atletismo
    Para athletes inspire effort, perseverance and a lot of discipline.

    The inspiration of each Athlete ensures that an athlete or team competes in the same conditions as other athletes.
Athletes are grouped into classes based on how the impairment affects their performance.
  • Para atleta con discapacidad física
    Physical impairments
    Athletes with physical impairments can be divided into eligible impairment types.

    Impaired muscle power, Impaired passive range of movement, Loss of limb or limb deficiency, Leg-length difference, Short stature, Hypertonia, Ataxia, and Athetosis.
  • Para atletas con discapacidad visual en Río 2016
    Visual impairments
    Visual Impairment occurs when there is damage to one or more of the components of the vision system, which can include:

    Impairment of the eye structure/receptors, impairment of the optic nerve/optic pathways and impairment of the visual cortex
  • Para atleta con discapacidad intelectual
    Intellectual impairments
    Athletes with intellectual impairments can be divided into eligible impairment types.

    Intellectual impairments are defined as “a disability characterized by significant limitation both in intellectual functioning and in adaptive behavior as expressed in conceptual, social and practical adaptive skills. This disability originates before the age of 18.
Use the proper language to help others and strengthen your empathy using the right terminology.
  • Glosario de Términos de la persona
    Learn the Glossary related to Athletes

    Athlete/person with an impairment, Athlete/person with a physical impairment, Athlete/person with a visual impairment, Impairment, Increase awareness, Para*
  • Términos Deportivos
    Learn the Glossary related to sport

    Athlete with a physical impairment, Vision impaired athlete, Athlete with an impairment, Para athlete, Para game, Para sport, Classifier, Athlete support personnelAthlete competition partner, Paralympian, Paralympic athlete(s), Paralympic Games, Parapan American, Para sport or sport for athletes with an impairment, Classification, Classification Master List, ualifying event
  • Términos de los Juegos Parapanamericanos
    Learn about the Glossary related to the Parapan American Games

    Parapan American Games, Parapan American Games or Parapan*, Paralympic program, Paralympic sport(s), Para sport or sport for athletes with an impairment, Wheelchair basketball, Boccia, Football 5-a-side, Football 7-a-side, Goalball, Judo, Para athletics, Para badminton, Para-cycling track, Para-cycling road, Para swimming, Para powerlifting, Para taekwondo, Para table tennis, Shooting Para Sport, Wheelchair Rugby, Wheelchair tennis, Sitting volleyball
Learn about the evolution of the Parapan American Games over time.



V Parapan American Games
1600 Para athletes from 28 countris in 15 disciplines


IV Parapan American Games
1300 athletes from 26 countries in 13 disciplines

Rio de Janeiro

III Parapan American Games

1150 athletes from 25 countries in 10 disciplines

Mar del Plata

II Parapan American Games
1500 Para athletes from 28 countries in 9 disciplines


I Parapan American Games
1000 Para athletes from 18 countries in 4 disciplines