Urbanistic Legacy

Legado Urbanistico de Lima 2019
Urbanistic Legacy
Legado pilar urbano ambiental

Our sports facilities worked with urban planning in order to create a safer, greener and more inclusive city. Thus, these projects had a positive impact on transportation, mobility and accessibility in public spaces, protectig the environment and facilitating a modern transport system.


Urban Development Legacy

We seek to increase the value by collaborating with physical regeneration programs and generating social changes in the host cities.

  • Speed up the implementation of a comprehensive and improved transport system
  • Promote security initiatives to protect all the audience of the Games
  • Provide the highest accessibility standards to the Games infrastructures
  • Improve waste collection and create a cleaner and greener city
  • Use the Games own initiatives to build a safer city
  • Ensure a program of “city embellishment” during the Games with the community and municipalities.


  • To implement urban improvement due to Games that have a positive impact on urban traffic in Lima
  • To implement transport measures to improve the safety and health of citizens
  • To increase Lima’s capability to take on urban planning challenges and face the future with perspectives of an effective improvement of the transport system in the medium term